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This project started in June/2005 and keeps growing every day. We post here our ToDo list. Volunteers are more than welcome. Itens in light grey are done, the ones in bold are considered priorities.

  • Support IPv6
  • Evaluate if we can create a block list for PeerGuardian (
  • Evaluate if we can create a block list for PeerBlock (
  • Evaluate if we can create a block list for IPList (
  • Evaluate if we can create a block list for pfSense (,42543.0.html)
  • Link sample details with
  • Review the URL acquisition bot to correctly sanitize # signals
  • Evaluate the possibility of showing results from the Google Safe Browser API on URL search results / commercial data feeds (Perl module: Net-Google-SafeBrowsing)
  • Create a list of IP addresses instead of URLs
  • Evaluate the possible use of 'Artists Against 419'
  • Evaluate if we can create a block list for the Suricata IDS/IPS
  • Evaluete the possible inclusion of domains used in other scams
  • Evaluate the usage of SSDEEP hashes
  • Set up a subscription system.
  • Consider linking MBLs to RNP-CAIS' frauds catalog.
  • Retrieve web server information during crawling.
  • Review RTIR and consider integrating it into the alert system
  • Add the AddThis button on all pages
  • Use PEFile to detect file packers
  • Use _file_ to detect compressed files before running PEFile
  • Use hashes for URL comparison on DB inserts
  • Create a SpamAssassin channel for sa-update
  • Add IP address to the alert message (ArCERT)
  • Bug: when m-spider workers die, no message is sent out
  • Automagically understand Content-Disposition properly
  • Fight some more the deep crawling (URLs levels) and some obscure redirections
  • Browser impersonation for URLs crawling
  • Add .jar to the list of potentially dangerous extensions
  • Use AJAX to include more Malware information on the Malware details page
  • Improve check_likelihood()
  • Include Packer links in
  • Show multiple infections in archive files
  • Setup Packer statistics
  • Include ASN registrar information on Malware details (
  • Use ASN registrie information to send MBL Alerts to registrarsEvaluate GreenSQL
  • Create a list of recently sent MBL alerts
  • Review XSSDB for some obscure URL obfuscation techniques
  • Setup a FAQ ASAP
  • Use ASN information on MBL Alerts.
  • Get some basic automatic Malware analysis working
  • Setup descendant date ordered lists so users with small hardware can grab just the first N entries which will be the newest ones (user suggestions).
  • Review "strip user" function for 28648 wrong parsing (@)
  • Write better multi threading for craller scripts.
  • Review receive_mail script to make sure URLs submitted by CSIRTS are inserted in the database with the right addresses.
  • Set up lists (regex, domain) to SquidGuard.
  • Upgrade to Apache 2.2 + mod_perl.
  • List ASNs that actively host Malware.
  • Set up aggressive block lists.
  • Correct a bug when updating domain names (on 404 and bad MIME).
  • Set up lists to DansGuardian and SmoothWall.
  • Setup a new internal status to put domains like These domains shouldn't be checked regularly.
  • Rewrite and group all common functions in modules, avoiding code duplication.
  • Create a new e-mail address for contributors who want to get feedback. Right now doesn't send feedback.
  • Setup an SMTP smarthost and a secundary nameserver in another ISP.
  • Think about better ways to catch hidden URLs in e-mail messages.
  • Setup some daily graphs.
  • Review SquidGuard lists to include "domain" lists.
  • Setup secondary database and web servers. (moved to server07)
  • Get more spamtraps working. ISPs willing to help are welcome.
  • Review date format on DB and date updates on regular URL checks (date_last_check).
  • Setup a search engine including searchs by domain, malware and e-mail address which submited URLs (this should send results to the searched e-mail address only, no display). URLs will never be shown unsanitized.
  • Code some new crawling features on the receive_email script (external crawling).
  • Review stats script. Its a bit slow.
  • MySQL database fine tuning (indexes, query cache size, etc).
  • Export the MBL in XML format.
  • Enhance stats with graphics and more information.
  • Review lists that accept regex to make same domain URLs be reported in a single line.
  • Set up secondary DNS servers.
  • Review web site duplicate content that is not in include files.
  • Find a secure way to make available all archived phishing scams received so far (needs URL sanitizing on e-mail messages).
  • The URL submission form should have a JavaScript to check the presence of an @ character in the e-mail field.
  • Write a press release in english and portuguese.
  • Expand functionality.
  • Have a look at
  • Have a look on SpamCopURL.
  • Create signatures for Snort/Bleeding Edge Snort.
  • Decide what to do with http_last_modif.
  • Properly validate the CORRUPTED AV status.
  • Use MD5 and SHA-1 Perl modules instead of command line.
  • Implement for new infected URLs report.
  • Move dailly crawlling jobs to server06 (multi-thread).
  • Implement a batch job script, status and spider flag.
  • Setup lists for ClamAV signatures.
  • Setup MS DNS(?) lists.
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    Dangerous: 4,708,384

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