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Free/Delayed Malware Block Lists

Nice you understand the need to protect yourself and/or your network users from malware infections. Have you considered the benefits of our Premium Block Lists? For a small fee you get the following:

Updates every hour: it is very important to have your block lists updated as frequently as possible. The Premium subscription presents data updated every hour, data offered for Free subscribers is updated every 48-72 hours.


MD5 hashes: our feed is not small and download problems may occur. The best way to avoid issues when you reload the block list is to check its integrity calculating the MD5 hash and comparing with the one we provide. This feature is only available to Premium sbuscribers.


Additional formats and aggressive block lists: are only available to Premium subscribers.


CryptoLocker block lists the best way to avoid having your files encrypted by CryptoLocker is by blocking its access to command and control servers, block lists of server domains and IP addresses are only available to Premium subscribers.

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