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There are some ways you can contribute to the Malware Patrol project.

  Submit suspect URLs

  Forward suspect e-mail messages

  Set-up a spamtrap

  Use our Block Lists

  Tell a friend

  Send us feedback

  Report a false positive

  Submit suspect URLs

You can send us any suspect URLs that you detect in e-mail messages. Upon submission, the addresses are inspected by our automated system and added to the list if a Malware is found.

Suspect e-mail messages and URLs can be sent to:

Every URL in our database is visited, at least, daily. If the Malware is removed, the URL is marked as inactive and is excluded from our block lists. URLs marked as inactive are visited daily to ensure they are not reactivated.

Addresses that point to files with extensions considered "non-dangerous" are not visited by our automated system. This renders this site useless for attacking innocent web addresses. URL redirects are followed and verified.

  Forward suspect e-mail messages

You can forward any suspect e-mails to Our automated system will verify the message, extract potentially dangerous URLs and queue them for processing. In no more than one hour, they will be visited and any downloaded binary analyzed by Anti-Virus systems. If a Malware is found, the addresses are included in our Block Lists and domain administrators are notified.

  Set-up a spamtrap

You can forward the contents of your spamtraps to Please let us know that you have set up a spamtrap and what is the expected volume of messages per day.

  Tell a friend

You can spread the word and tell your friends about our project. Letting others know about us, helps to protect more people and also to collect more suspect URLs.

  Send us feedback

Your feedback is very important. Please let us know what you think about our project and also how we can improve to better serve your needs.

  Report a false positive

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Contact us

You can contact us at the following addresses:

To send suspect e-mails and URLs:

For tech support and questions related to your account: support (_a_t_)

To report false positives or list problems: fp (_a_t_)

For commercial inquiries, please contact: commercial (_a_t_)

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