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Welcome to the Malware Patrol project! We provide feeds of malware URLs and CryptoLocker domains and IPs, so you can protect yourself and your network users from getting infected by Malware. Block lists are available in several formats, including the most popular anti-spam, anti-virus and web proxy systems.

We are a team of security experts based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It all started in 2005 when friends were sharing malicious links in a security mailing list. Since then, we are collecting, analyzing and monitoring bad links, providing protection to our customers against malware infections. Systems are deployed on cloud servers to make it all work, multiple technologies are used and we are always researching and expanding the incoming data and the threat intelligence produced.

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We provide accurate and up to date feeds/block lists that help prevent Malware infections. Our subscription system supports the necessary efforts to keep the high quality data. Free of charge data is still provided, but registration is required. Customers can choose between the Premium and the Free subscriptions.

Please visit our feeds page for more details. The Premium subscription allows access to all available formats of URLs and CryptoLocker block lists and is updated every hour. The Free subscription is only updated every 48/72 hours. Premium subscriptions helps us maintain the project and develop the many long awaited features. To know more about why you should choose the Premium subscribption, please watch this video. If you want to know more about the project, visit the About Us.

Have questions or comments? Contact us at support (a t) malwarepatrol . net. False positives should be reported to fp (a t)

Your use of this web site constitutes agreement to all Terms and Conditions. If you want to use our feeds/block lists in a commercial product or service, please contact us for licensing information.

Why use a block list of URLs?

One of the most frequent questions is: "We have a firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware, IDS/IPS, etc - why do we need block lists of URLs in our proxy or router?"

That is a great question. First of all, it is certainly very important to have multiple protection layers and trusted intelligence sources when it comes to Internet security, no single vendor can protect you from all the current threats. This is known as layered security. Also, fraudsters are always improving their attacks that range from simple URLs pointing to malware files to complex exploit kits that can leverage vulnerabilities to download malicious software to the victims' computers. On top of that, distributed malware frequently has very low anti-virus detection rates. Attackers are also heavily using "downloaders", these are softwares which only intent is to download other malicious binaries that happens to be malware. We collect and track URLs that point to malware, including the ones used by exploit kits and downloaders, this is why it is so important to use our block lists.

So, why take chances when you can get extra protection? Waste no more time and start protecting your network with the data provided by the Malware Patrol. Click here to find all the feeds/block lists available.

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31 Mar 15: We'd like to communicate that starting April 1st 2015, the XML block lists will be decommissioned.

19 Dec 14: Important improvements in our current whitelist system will be deployed in the next few days. This should reduce even more the chances of false positives in our data feeds. Please report any potential problems for immediate investigation.


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